Web Design

Image displaying resonsive web design Web page design is not rocket science, however, proper tools are the secret to producing professional looking, interesting pages - and of course, a vision of what you want the end result to look like.

We use the most modern, up-to-date, professional tools to produce cutting-edge, responsive web page designs. We do not design exotic flash pages, believing that the web should be used to present subject matter clearly and logically, and most of all, quickly. One of our pet peeves are complicated web page designs which require special software to view them with high speed internet connections

All our designs incorporate the latest 'responsive' design techniques to assure you that your information will be readable and usable regardless of the display type being used by the client - from large-scale desktop computers to the smallest tablet or smart phone devices on the market today.

Special Features

We are frequently requested to implement specific software for purposes such as event calendars, membership management or online commerce tools, including SSL (security for collection of personal information such as credit card numbers, etc.) These types of services usually involve the setting up and maintenance of on-line database structures (MySQL), which are available within our hosting service. Individual programs do however cost extra. We offer the following programs, as an added service:

  • PHP Event Calendar - A MySQL database driven Event Calendar which is easy to update and maintain. Events are listed in a standard calendar type of display, and/or events can be scrolled into a region on a web page in a list form. (see http://www.bluegrasscanada.org for an example).
  • PHP Membersip Manager - A Membership Management system which can be modified to fit most requirements. Individual members profiles are maintained in an online MySQL database and can be accessed and maintained by the members themselves.
  • PHP Zen Cart - A complete online shopping cart solution which can be customized to fit your individual requirements and budget. For further information, please contact us < href="/mail/contact/contactus.php" title="CONTACT US" target="_self">HERE.