Why FWS Online?

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We can help!

Whether your project is small or large, simple or complex, we have the resources, facilities and common-sense know-how to get it done - without breaking your budget and wiping out your bank account!

At FWS Online, we have a simple philosphy. We believe the internet represents the most powerful communications medium ever devised, but there are caveats. As web standards have grown, the capability to include most types of active media such as music and video, and it's compatibitiliy with many new programming languages (PHP, Java, JQuery, just to mention three out of hundreds), has meant ever increasing confusion for those who have a message and want to use the internet to deliver it.

What are your expectations?

We will ask you to define your expectations. We require a clear statement about why you're interested in developing a web presence Are you selling a service or product? Are you representing a public, charitable or non-profit organization? Perhaps you simply require a web-based software solution for a membership database? Or do you wish to operate a blog? Will it require online shopping capabilities?

What is your target market or audience?

The answer to the above question has a major impact on the final website design. Much attention must be made to SEO principles (Search Engine Optimization) for a successful outcome.